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IFS Partner Success

We are proud to be apart of the IFS Partner Success initiative, elevating our service provision furthermore.

All about ifs partner success

Working with IFS to serve our customers with supreme service

What is the IFS Partner Success initiative?

IFS Partner Success is a services programme, approach, and framework created by IFS to provide partners with support, advice, and guidance in all aspects of delivery, for all IFS solutions. 

Partners such as ourselves, make an investment in their relationship with IFS and have the closest possible working relationship with IFS.

Values aligned with IFS

Our values People, Learning and Community align with the ethos of what the Partner Success is all about. With our people at the heart of our business, our investment in the Partner Success initiative ensures they are empowered with the latest courses and updates from IFS. We work together to strive for the Moment of Service.

The Foundation of Success

Our key priorities are to ensure our customers are happy, projects are run and completed successfully and your goals are achieved in the process. Engaging all parties, creating this close relationship between Wyre, IFS and the client, improves overall understanding and can provide the vital foundation for success of a project.

Access to Expert & Industry Resources

Investing in the IFS Partner Success initiative enables our consultants and team members to have access to the best expertise and industry innovation, direct from the source meaning the service you receive is inline with IFS best practices and backed by research both from IFS and Wyre Solutions.

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As voted ERP vendor of the Year, IFS is a single central system that can provide your organisation with that competitive edge above the rest.

With Wyre Solutions, we can support you in reducing complexity, costs and risks. Combining our deep routed experience and industry knowledge, with our relationship with IFS, let’s bring your business to the forefront of your industry.

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