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Empowering through-life availability of critical assets, whilst controlling costs and maintaining compliance.

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Built on industry standards, IFS is flexible and modular to adapt to your growth

Why choose IFS for Aerospace & Defense?

IFS provides an unequalled level of understanding with over 30 years of industry experience understanding your market’s pain points and issues. Their software is built to industry standards to ensure your business continues onwards.

Business output improvements of 28% more work orders completed each day with IFS

432 million passengers travel to destinations worldwide every year on planes maintained with IFS

IFS customers have been able to experience a 30% improvement in base maintenance productivity

Statistics collected from IFS. Find more information about IFS in this industry.

Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers

IFS is a single project-orientated ERP solution for aerospace and defense manufacturers allowing companies to focus on managing projects from design to through-life.

Airlines & Air Operators

End-to-end solutions for air fleet operators and airports, airlines and companies providing equipment, maintenance and support to airlines and aircraft operators.

Defense Contractors

With IFS, get a 360 view of your business assets, mission-critical processes and performance to prevent inefficiency and maximise readiness.

Defense Forces

Delivering total asset readiness, IFS brings an integrated approach to logistics operations, planning and effective maintenance of military assets.

Aerospace & Defense MRO Providers

Built on industry standards, IFS has built its aviation MOR software to industry standards. It's flexible and modular nature allows your business to grow and adapt as you develop in the ever-changing climate.

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As recognised IFS partners, we work closely together with IFS to ensure our consultants and methodologies are inline with IFS best practices. We use the latest technological advancements ensuring best-in-class solutions in the industry to benefit and improve your system and processes. Our consultants aid customers to understand how to gain a more robust business model for the longer term development.

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