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Vital partnerships and integrations are the cornerstone of innovation and progress in today’s interconnected world which is why we have carefully selected these providers as trusted extensions of our services.

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, staying competitive and efficient is crucial. One way to achieve this is through effective IFS (Enterprise Resource Planning) integrations and strategic software partnerships. Our collaborative efforts empower businesses to streamline their operations, enhance decision-making, and foster growth.

Our Partnerships & Integrations

IFS Partner Success logo
IFS Partner Success logo

IFS Partner Success

Continuous Commitment to Deliver the Moment of Service

Wyre Solutions are proud to announce that we are part of the IFS Partner Success initiative. IFS Partner Success is a commitment from IFS to support partners in delivering the best service possible to our mutual customers. As a company that thrives in development and opportunity, we are delighted to collaborate with IFS further to learn and evolve our service offerings to customers nationally and globally. 

Our values People, Learning and Community align with the ethos of what the Partner Success is all about. With our people at the heart of our business, our investment in the Partner Success initiative ensures they are empowered with the latest courses and updates from IFS. We work together to strive for the Moment of Service. Click here to learn more about IFS Partner Success.

IFS Partner Logo

IFS Silver Partnerships

IFS Channel and Services Partners of IFS

Securing partnership status with IFS is a moment of pride for Wyre Solutions, and achieving the designation of Silver Channel and Services IFS partners fills us with excitement. This elevated status opens new avenues for Wyre to bring innovative IFS solutions to businesses in search of effective ERP solutions. 

We are also thrilled for the opportunity to extend our impeccable service to current IFS customers, offering support across various IFS versions, with the ultimate goal of seamlessly transitioning them into the cutting-edge IFS Cloud and becoming evergreen. Through this partnership, we solidify our commitment to remaining at the forefront of evolving technology and providing enduring value to our clientele. Click here to learn more about the IFS Partnership programme.

OpenECX logo

Open ECX

P2P, Invoicing, Ordering and Statement Reconciliation Solutions

We are pleased to be partnered with Open ECX, offering a faultless, completely digital technology, automating business transactions, integrating seamlessly into existing systems and business processes for the construction industry. As award-winning technology providers, the Open ECX products, Invoicing, Ordering and Statement Reconciliation solutions, seamlessly integrate into IFS to provide unparalleled efficiency and streamlined operations.

Our partnership with Open ECX signifies our collective commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that go beyond traditional boundaries. With our shared vision for innovation and digital excellence, we are proud to offer a transformative experience and service offering that sets new standards for IFS customers. Click here to learn more about Open ECX.

Eploy logo


End-to-end eRecruitment solutions

The strategic alliance between Wyre Solutions and Eploy is of immense benefit to IFS customers aiming to elevate their recruitment processes and overall human resources management. Through the collaborative efforts of the Wyre Solutions team, Eploy’s advanced cloud-based recruitment platform seamlessly integrates with IFS applications. 

This integration empowers clients with IFS to effortlessly harness cutting-edge functionalities, including Applicant Tracking, Recruitment CRM, Talent Pools, and Analytics. The result is a poised enhancement of an organisation’s talent acquisition strategies, bringing unprecedented efficiency and sophistication to the entire recruitment lifecycle. Click here to learn more about Eploy.

Boomi logo


Integration and Automation solutions

Boomi serves as a cloud-based integration platform, facilitating seamless connectivity between applications and data irrespective of their locations or underlying technologies. This capability proves especially advantageous in linking IFS Cloud with legacy IFS ERP systems and other external applications. Through our established partnership with Boomi and IFS, IFS customers gain the ability to expedite integration development, significantly reducing the time needed by weeks or even months. 

Recognising that integration is paramount for optimising the synergy between IFS and complementary applications, partnering with Boomi becomes instrumental in unlocking the full potential of this combined ecosystem. Click here to learn more about Boomi.

Pagero logo


O2C and P2P solutions

Wyre Solutions have partnered with Pagero to provide our customers with leading-edge workflow optimisation and better integration solutions for inbound and outbound invoicing within IFS Applications. Pagero delivers a new generation of innovative, easy-to-use digitalisation solutions for order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes. Using Pagero Network as an extension to IFS the clients can easily automate the business processes and go digital from day one. 

With our cohesive partnership, existing and potential IFS customers can benefit from Pagero’s global order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay solutions and together, we provide market-leading workflow optimisation solutions and best practice configuration for AR and AP invoicing within IFS Applications. Click here to learn more about Pagero.

Microsoft Partner logo


Microsoft 365, Azure and Dynamics 365 solutions

In leveraging our enduring Microsoft partnership, we’re not only expanding our service offerings to provide tailored solutions, including diverse subscription plans for Microsoft 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365, but we’re also setting a new standard in delivering unparalleled value to our clients. This expansion stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation. 

By synergizing the robust foundation of our partnership with Microsoft and our proven expertise in tailoring solutions, we are strategically positioned to empower businesses with the indispensable tools required to not just survive but flourish in the ever-evolving and competitive business landscape. Click here to learn more about Microsoft.

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