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Why choose IFS for Energy, Utilities & Resources?

IFS offers an array of solutions such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Field Service Management (FSM), and Mobile Work Order Management (MWM) to support this fast-evolving industry.

IFS delivers 32% improvement in asset management for Transmission & Distribution companies

Oil & gas companies achieve 22% increase in productivity and delivers 29% cost reduction for mining companies

Power generation companies could achieve 23% cost reduction in asset management with IFS

Statistics collected from IFS. Find more information about IFS in this industry.

Mills & Mining

IFS provides an end-to-end solution to support your asset lifecycle from construction to feasibility, to operational and maintenance.

Oil & Gas

Gain better control of projects globally and optimise your assets as your business expands through diversification and transformation with technology.

Power Generation

Seizing new opportunities and alternative revenue streams with renewable energy, IFS assists with the diversification of your strategies and the management of sustainability requirements.

Transmission & Distribution

Receiving reliable and exceptional service is at the forefront of today's customer requirements from a company. Optimise your assets with IFS and achieve well-planned and well-executed projects.

Water & Wastewater

Deliver your water and wastewater ecosystem with IFS, ensuring optimal performance, planning and control of assets.

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As recognised IFS partners, we work closely together with IFS to ensure our consultants and methodologies are inline with IFS best practices. We use the latest technological advancements ensuring best-in-class solutions in the industry to benefit and improve your system and processes. Our consultants aid customers to understand how to gain a more robust business model for the longer term development.

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