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Transform your service business with IFS, delivering innovative services always

Why choose IFS for Service Industries?

Working within services, IFS understand the needs and requirements of having visibility over real time business performance and flexibility to respond to and ever evolving climate, to stay competitive within their industries. IFS is built to support need.

33% increase in technician productivity, 60% increase in SLA compliance

600,000 returns and repairs a week are managed through IFS solutions software

20% increase in asset uptime, 25% improvement in field workforce productivity

Statistics collected from IFS. Find more information about IFS in this industry.

Managed Services

Slash your operational costs and transform your client's experience by providing your customers their managed service that meets demanding SLAs.

Property & Facilities Services

Set yourself apart with IFS service management and take control of your field operations, increase productivity and SLAs.

Retail Aftermarket Services

Manage returns and repairs seamlessly and effectively with IFS, delivering a seamless experience throughout the process.

Transportation & Logistics

Gain a competitive edge with IFS and redesign your service business drive productivity, deliver to SLAs and accelerate.

Testing Inspection Certification (TIC)

See how IFS technology can play a vital role in increasing efficiencies whilst, reducing costs as TIC organisations face the unique challenges and reactive environment it receives from the industry.

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As recognised IFS partners, we work closely together with IFS to ensure our consultants and methodologies are inline with IFS best practices. We use the latest technological advancements ensuring best-in-class solutions in the industry to benefit and improve your system and processes. Our consultants aid customers to understand how to gain a more robust business model for the longer term development.

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