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MPBA Membership

We are proud to be associate members of the Modular & Portable Building Association.

Why Wyre Solutions?

The ONLY IFS Partner to be a member of the MPBA

What does this mean?

As the only IFS partner to join the association, we look forward to providing our expertise in this leading ERP Solution and aiding construction organisations to get the most out of their application systems and achieving their business goals.

Take a look at these strong IFS statistics of why choosing IFS for your ERP Solution is the best approach.

Offsite/Modular Construction - 50%

of construction projects will use offsite/modular manufacturing and/or 3D printing within the next 5 years

Transformation Digitally - 65%

of the industry will implement digital asset lifecycle strategies such as BIM over the next 3 years

Full asset lifecycle support - 14%

increase in profit margins for those contractors that embrace the asset lifecycle through the design-operate-maintain continuum

Statistics collected from IFS. Find more information about IFS in this industry.

Wyre are a Partner

We are thrilled to announce that Wyre Solutions is an Associate Member of The Modular and Portable Building Association! With our newfound membership, we are delighted to be broadcasting a unique and specialist offering to the Off-site and Modular Construction sector.

About the MPBA

The Modular & Portable Building Association are the voice of the modular industry. Founded in 1938, the MPBA play a key role in connecting all sectors of the modular and portable building industry.

More coming soon!

There are more exciting developments already planned in the pipeline however if you would like to learn more sooner, please get in touch with our sales and consultancy team who would be happy to discuss your journey to success!

Construction specialists

5 Things that IFS for
Construction can provide you

Greater Predictability of Project Delivery

Project Cost Reduction and Increased Margins

Increased Efficiency via Process Automation

Reducing your Commercial Risk

Enhanced Agility to Adapt, Grow and Innovate

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As the partner of choice for the Construction industry, we work closely together with IFS and MPBA to ensure our consultants and methodologies are inline with IFS best practices and that we know what is expected within the construction industry and what they require from their ERP. We use the latest technological advancements ensuring best-in-class solutions in the industry to benefit and improve your system and processes. Our consultants aid customers to understand how to gain a more robust business model for the longer term development.

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