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Introducing AP Automation Integration into IFS with Open ECX

Why Open ECX?

Automation is at the forefront of innovation which many businesses wish to acquire, enabling the streamlining of processes and cost savings from their everyday business processes. This application allows for improved efficiencies and easily integrates your customers with your business.




Transactions processed


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The easiest and most cost effective way to send and receive invoices. Offered with no interruption to your systems or supply chain, Invoicing from Open ECX eliminates the costs associated with the manual billing process as well as the mistakes caused from human error. Alongside this, no technical changes are required and suppliers are onboarded with ease.


Receive orders electronically and reduce time taken to process by as much as 90% with Open ECX's Ordering. This cloud based technology easily integrates your customers with your business. At no cost to your customers, Open ECX Ordering eliminates rogue spenditure by again therefore removing the manual work behind the process and automatically processes orders, transmitting the data to your finance systems in real time.

Statement Reconciliation

As a pivotal component of Open ECX's AP automation capabilities, the Statement Reconciliation solution streamlines the labor-intensive, manual tasks for Accounts Payable teams. Through an intuitive workbench, AP teams gain access to a transparent dashboard and a comprehensive digital log, also providing real-time visibility into the matching status of each statement. This ensures transparency, facilitating efficient audit processes for AP operations.

Example of OpenECX Statement Reconciliation Capabilities
About open ecx

Open ECX are multi award winning

Recognised for many awards such as the Construction Computing Awards and the National Technology Awards, these accolades underscore their commitment to technological excellence and innovation and our collaboration stands as a testament to the shared vision of both entities in leveraging technology for transformative and award-winning solutions.


Seamless Integration with IFS

Integrating Open ECX with IFS has been remarkably straightforward, providing a seamless connection for electronic trading solutions and IFS. Learn more about how IFS customers can experience substantial benefits here, emphasising the ease with which the application harmonises with IFS. This synergy enhances efficiency, streamlines operations, and empowers businesses to navigate complex trading landscapes with agility.

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As one of our recognised partners, we work closely together with IFS and with Open ECX to ensure our consultants and methodologies are inline with best practices and not only this, but we strictly partner with providers that look for innovation, ensuring best-in-class solutions in the industry to benefit and improve your business and processes. 

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