The Big 6: Increased Efficiency via Process Automation & AI


In the realm of construction and engineering, AI and Automation entail the deployment of machines and computer systems capable of executing tasks traditionally reliant on human intelligence.

The Big 6: Increased Efficiency via Process Automation & AI

These tasks encompass various aspects including design, planning, monitoring, and analysis. With challenges in the industry poised to intensify, numerous companies are turning to AI and Automation solutions to tackle these longstanding issues.

IFS is at the forefront of this movement, leveraging advanced technologies to empower construction and engineering firms to overcome these challenges and achieve enhanced efficiency and productivity.

As mentioned recently by industry experts Kenny Ingram and Chris Knight, they predict that “30% of Construction and Engineering companies will deploy AI and Automation within the next 3 years.”

Find out more about why construction and engineering companies should embrace Automation and AI and how IFS can help overcome the industry’s outdated methods and traditional challenges.

Several factors are driving this AI and Automation, including:

Competitiveness and innovation

Aimed at curbing project expenses and adopting digital transformation through the integration of emerging technologies and innovative business approaches.

Labour shortages and low productivity

Stemming from the industry’s perceived lack of appeal as a career path, resulting in adverse impacts on project efficacy and calibre as senior personnel retire. AI and automation interventions are pivotal in enhancing worker efficiency and productivity for construction businesses.

Safety and risk management

Acknowledging the inherent hazards of construction sites, necessitating measures to mitigate risks and prevent accidents, the utilisation of drones, robots, and autonomous machinery proves instrumental in executing perilous and repetitive tasks with precision and safety.

Ai and Automation: Real-World Applications

Data Analytics

AI is leveraged to gather, analyse, and interpret extensive datasets sourced from diverse outlets like sensors, drones, cameras, documents, and enterprise systems like ERP. These efforts yield invaluable insights and forecasts tailored for construction endeavours.

Wearable Tech

Wearable devices designed to augment worker safety, efficiency, and communication, including smart helmets, glasses, vests, and gloves.


Combining building information modelling with AI to enhance the design, coordination, and administration of construction projects, including the implementation of generative design techniques.

Tool Tracking & IoT

Utilising AI to oversee and monitor the whereabouts, utilisation, and condition of tools, machinery, and materials, employing technologies like RFID tags, GPS trackers, and intelligent sensors.

Planning & Scheduling Optimisation

Employing sophisticated mathematical models for intelligent planning and scheduling can enhance productivity and the delivery of project and maintenance services, affecting all resource categories such as labour, equipment, materials, and subcontractors.


Embedded within the IFS Cloud solution are AI capabilities tailored for the Construction and Engineering sector. Significant investments have been made in specific areas, resulting in new features that enhance project setup, particularly for complex activities requiring AI-driven optimisation of resource sequencing, including personnel, materials, equipment, and subcontractors.

Moreover, AI-powered automation is integrated into the project forecasting functionality of the EAC (estimate at completion) workbench, aimed at boosting the speed and precision of forecasts at any given moment.

Following construction, the focus shifts to servicing and maintaining the asset to ensure it operates as intended. IFS Cloud incorporates AI functionalities capable of generating maintenance checklists, facilitating the creation of AI-optimised plans and schedules. Whether it’s a hospital, school, factory, bridge, road, or building, the IFS Cloud platform adeptly manages project plans and associated tasks.

Utilising AI functionalities, IFS Cloud automatically analyses generated data, empowering asset owners or managers to optimise future performance, regardless of the type of asset being constructed.

Don’t get left behind! Automate your business and leverage AI to gain a competitive edge. Contact Wyre Solutions today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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