2024 Construction & Engineering Industry Trends and Predictions


In 2024, we anticipate notable progress in construction and engineering, driven by the imperative to enhance competitiveness, embrace efficient digital strategies, and seek out fresh revenue avenues.

Amid ongoing challenges like escalating labour shortages, the industry is increasingly turning to digital innovations such as AI for operational automation and optimisation. Companies are pivoting towards becoming comprehensive asset service lifecycle providers to ensure consistent revenue streams. Additionally, outdated enterprises are poised to overhaul their operations, leveraging real-time data for precise project budgeting and forecasting.

To delve deeper into these developments, we sought insights from IFS Construction and Engineering global industry directors, Kenny Ingram and Chris Knight. Their perspectives shed light on key trends shaping the future of the C&E industry, including prioritising digital technology adoption and capitalising on business expansion opportunities.

Read the full article from IFS here.

2024 Construction & Engineering Industry Trends

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